5 of the recent changes that directly impact your business


When I first started working with business owners to maximise their sales from Google, about 10 years ago, Google would make two or three significant changes every year.

Now they come up with a big change almost every week.

As a business owner and a smart internet marketer, your fortunes are closely tied to Google. Here are just five of the recent changes that directly impact your business:

  1. SEO is on its last legs. The proof is everywhere. Google continues to make changes that make the chances of beating them close to zero. I’ve been warning that this was going to happen for many years. You MUST build a business that is not dependent on search engine optimisationIf you are a local business, Google offers you major opportunities to dominate that market – and those opportunities are growing all the time.Google loves local businesses and it’s handing you a golden opportunity to have your website, address and phone number appear at or near the top of their results.
  2. If you do pay per click, the listings on the left hand side are now getting 10 TIMES as many clicks as the ones on the right. The recent additions to ad extensions allow the smart business owners to dominate. Everything you do on pay per click should be focused on getting on the top listings on the left. And if you’re not doing pay per click, please understand that you are probably leaving a fortune on the table.
  3. Google are becoming obsessed with mobile. Their recent announcement on enhanced campaigns is basically a complete overhaul of their system to maximize the mobile revolution. Potential customers search for what you offer every day on mobile. Are you prepared?
  4. Google’s Display Network is roaring ahead and lets you do banner advertising in a local or national area and select the websites you appear on. Recent improvements to the ‘Display Optimiser’ means EVERY business should be testing banner advertising with Google.



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