The Ascension Phase Continued Step 4: The Price Presentation Phase


We’ve arrived at the 4th stage of the 7 – The Price Presentation Phase. We talked about the importance of the greeting phase and the vital job of qualifying the prospects so that we both know we have a club that is ideally placed to serve their needs.

We’ve toured the prospect and confirmed that the facilities and services that we have described clearly solve the problems that the prospect came with.


Here are the MUST dos at this point…

• You must know before you start, what are the 2 most suited membership options for the individual in front of you.

• You must know which 2 of your Good/Better/Best programmes are most appropriate.

• You must be calm and assured. Talk with a slower rhythm than your normal pace.

You should have a specially designed Price Presentation form, on which to present the options.

Firstly, clear up the opening times of the club and ensure that the client ­finds those hours suitable.

We are now ready to present the 2 options that you have selected based on the information you have gleaned from the customer in the qualifi­cation and touring phase. And that’s exactly how we present it verbally.

Here’s the start of the script:

 “From the information you have given me today – there are 2 options that I feel would be right for you.  Here is the fi­rst option I have selected for you, (write it down on the “Price presentation sheet” as you go) It’s called the “Premium Membership.”

“It Includes use of the following facilities that you said you wanted to use/take etc.”

“We discussed your fi­tness goal and agreed that once we have achieved that, you would want to follow some sort of ongoing maintenance programme.”

 “It allows you to use the club at the following times and the frequency of weekly use that you said you would be doing. Bearing in mind all of that – this option is the best and most cost-e‑effective way for you to use the club It costs etc.”

“The second option is called this… It includes the same benefi­ts as option 1 but instead of (quote the differences) It costs this etc.”

 “Whichever option you choose, we will need you to select one of our Special joining/ starter packs a one-off joining cost of £X Which option is right for you?”


In the next blog, we will be discussing Step 5, The Closing Phase.



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