The Ascension Phase Continued Step 5: The Closing Phase


So here we are in the 5th phase – the chance to close the sales by simply asking the customer to join.

Simple eh? Well you would think so, but for many in sales roles this is the biggest hurdle to overcome. So, what’s happening?

Well biologically, we are genetically wired to run away from anything that might cause us pain and for a lot of us the fear of rejection is severe pain. And the way to avoid that pain – DONT ask them to join so they can’t say NO!

Give them information to take away… “Perhaps you’d like to think about it a bit “they say. The trouble is, most people need HELP in deciding and a decision deferred is often a decision never made.

The solution is to ensure that the feelings held towards the club by the sales staff‑ are entirely positive (they would join the club themselves) and deep felt. They must believe that the club is the best thing for the customer.

What is the worst thing that can happen to someone joining a gym? They feel better. They lose weight. They get control of their body for the fi­rst time in a long time?

It’s back to confi­dence again and that comes from practicing a closing sentence and having the self-belief by following that delivery with……complete silence until the customer speaks!



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