Win more, keep more and upsell more members

Are You Taking Member Inactivity Seriously Enough?

Your club member reactivation programme should be one of the most important systems you run. Without exception, people who leave you as members will at some point prior to cancellation have become inactive. When you calculate the financial cost of inactivity on attrition, then how effectively you drop into a pre-designed reactivation routine is vital on economic grounds alone. It … Read More

5 Strong Propositions To Charge Your Members What You Want

The secret of charging what you want and getting people to pay lies in your ability to make positive PROPOSITIONS. Here are the 5 you really need to have mastered: 1. The Unique Sales Proposition (Your U.S.P) “Why would I join you above every other fitness club in the market (Including doing nothing) and why would I do it now?”    … Read More

Why Targeting Prospects With Upcoming Birthdays Makes Good Marketing Sense!

When it comes to targeting customers online, you must think outside the box. Don’t go with the norm and do what everyone else does, or you’ll end up competing for advertising space and then it’s a battle of spending power. But if you advertise at different/more specific audiences, you’re more likely to engage with them and have a message they … Read More

15 Words That Will Make Your Fitness Club Promotions Better

The words you use to communicate with your customers are very important, whether in brochures letters, advertisements, email, on websites or in telephone and face to face conversations.   Below are 15 golden words that you should consider incorporating into all your communications.    1. Easy Everyone wants stuff that’s easy. We want things to be easy to use, we want results … Read More

Is Your Club In Need Of Attracting New Leads?

So, where do you start with lead generation? Firstly, it’s important to build a database list of people who are local to your club and have an interest in health and fitness. That interest might not yet be of an intensity and motivation that moves them to buy immediately (we call them “Skimmers”) but are certainly warm enough to be … Read More

Recovering Lost Customers

In addition to the ability to attract new customers, Clubs would be foolish to ignore the potential of recovering those they have lost. The costs of signing a new member can run to significant sums. When you know what that figure is you can then gauge how aggressive you can be to get back members who have left you. First … Read More

How To Maximise Customer Value

The No.1 Mission for all fitness clubs must be to “maximise customer value”. The logics simple. Once the original membership sale is achieved then all further revenue is achieved with virtually nil cost of sale. In the future, we can expect that the likely cost of acquiring customers will increase as the market becomes invaded by increased marketing noise from … Read More

The Perils Of Being Cheap

I spent a fascinating day recently in the company of some industry veterans who are currently charged with running charitable Leisure Trusts. I was able to sit in on a day when they discussed the financial problems, they were facing regarding balancing the books of their service. Just to set some context it must be said that these men know … Read More

The 10 Best Freemium Offers For Fitness Clubs

Everyone likes getting something for free. Users of gyms and leisure centres are no different. But just because it isn’t a form of marketing that costs the customer anything initially, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using this tactic. It’s actually the start of a very important funnel… Attract: You’re gaining attention from customers by NOT selling anything, which is … Read More

Networking With Your Members

How To Get Your Fitness Team Talking More To Your Members: It’s not a question of attitude, its more usually a lack of process. One of your key jobs as fitness club operators is to help your staff team overcome the problem of cold calling when it comes to meeting members in your gym. Members need to feel that the … Read More