Win more, keep more and upsell more members

Is It Time To Sack Off Membership?

The single, most significant change that fitness club operators could do today that would help them transform the financial performance of their site is this… Stop being a slave to Membership! Fitness businesses do not have to be run with a subscription model underpinning them. In the early days sessional visits were the way that the whole industry was run. … Read More

Here’s Why Online Surveys Are So Effective

Advertising online isn’t just about gathering leads and prospect data, it’s an opportunity to find out more about your target audience. And the more you know about them, the better chance you have of offering them what they want. Therefore, advertising online surveys is such a useful thing to do for your fitness club and if you aren’t already doing … Read More

7 Ways To Avoid Pricing Drama!

When you have successfully undertaken a sensitive and in-depth Personal Needs Analysis Survey, and presented a compelling reason why your option is the most suitable for your prospect, avoiding “sticker shock” (the negative reaction to a surprising price quote), it is essential to close the sale. Here are 7 ways to overcome the likelihood of “sticker shock” occurring. 1. Anchor … Read More

Creating Tripwire Offers: Part 2

In my last blog we looked at some key suggestions for tripwire offers to deploy in your club. Let’s now look at 4 more. 5. Voucher Cards An alternative to trial offers with restrictions is to produce a bespoke Club Voucher card with 8 – 10 individual voucher offers on it and to discount the overall combined cost of the … Read More

Creating Tripwire Offers: Part 1

How do we make the jump from interested bystanders to committed members? The solution for fitness club operators is to use tripwire products. These tripwire products are designed to ascend prospects from a cold lead into short term, low commitment transactions before up selling the prospects into a more permanent subscription relationship. The other main requirement of tripwire offers is … Read More

How To Turn New Members Into A Goldmine For Your Club

If you think that your only role with your new members is to fix them something to do in the gym then you’re missing a big trick. Not only that, but you are also missing out on literally £1000s of untapped revenues. If you are ready to rethink your strategy with new customers and seriously do want to make your … Read More

Are You Giving Out The Right Marketing Message?

A recent study from the Leisure Database Company suggested that the % of UK adults exercising has topped 15% for the first time since fitness clubs were invented some 50 years ago. Managing Director Dave Minton reported that this increase can be attributed to the increased usage in the budget club sector by a lower demographic category of users who … Read More

10 ways To Make It Easier For Prospects To Say Yes

Here are 10 irresistible ways to convince your prospects why they should join your fitness club. 1. Sessional Bundles The price of group classes has never been higher thanks to the rise of the boutique clubs. The price of fitness membership has never been lower. The solution for clubs is to break out the group exercise programme from membership and … Read More

How To Maximise Your Fitness Club Income

Ever found yourself in a position where you can’t seem to increase your monthly club income even though you think you’ve done everything possible? Sometimes you have a great sales month but then aren’t reflected in increased revenue the month later? Overcoming the fitness club income plateau is a problem which is one of the biggest headaches for fitness club … Read More

30 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Achieve Sales And Marketing Excellence

Today I want to show you a great way to highlight some instant ways for you to bring in more customers and grow your business. The following are 30 questions that will immediately pinpoint where your business is doing well – and where you can take action that will produce rapid results. These are the questions that I ask my … Read More