Creating Tripwire Offers: Part 2


In my last blog we looked at some key suggestions for tripwire offers to deploy in your club. Let’s now look at 4 more.

5. Voucher Cards

An alternative to trial offers with restrictions is to produce a bespoke Club Voucher card with 8 – 10 individual voucher offers on it and to discount the overall combined cost of the offer.

Offers could be trial memberships, group classes, PT sessions, dietary analysis sessions, fitness assessment, monetary discounts off joining.

Typically, a card might have an aggregated offer value of over £200 and retail for just £39.A significant discount to the end user and hence the attraction to this type of offer.

The benefits of this type of promotion are numerous.

One, the receivables from the voucher cards recover the marketing spend immediately so Clubs can be more expansive in their promotion.

The greater variety of offers means that the prospect has more choice and the cards are therefore more relevant to more people.

6. Body Assessment Sessions

These are increasingly popular single session or multiple visit experiences where customers pay to have their body composition analysed and take some sort of home exercise programme and nutritional plan away as a product.

The participating clubs use the session to upsell greater commitment options as with all these ideas.

Where equipment is portable this particular tripwire product can be used to achieve useful exposure for the club within corporate groups, local business events, school fetes, carnivals, and outdoor events.

7. Group Exercise Bundles

Particularly popular with spinning studios, the use of a significant bundle discount offer can be highly effective in transitioning interested prospects into customers.

Offers can be unlimited for particular trial periods or discounts on volume discounts of 10, 20 or 30 class packages.

8. Trials with Premium Gifts

Bonus Add On…

The Upsell

Here’s a proven technique for a successful upsell process.

At the point of sale, club staff present a “Triple Offer Sheet” to explain the benefits of more expensive options.

The sheet describes the ingredients of each of the 3 packages and the prospect is moved from the original offer to a more profitable one for the club.

The sheet is laid out to compare and contrast the price/ benefits of the introductory deal with 2 others on the same page. Staff need to be trained in how to explain the differences and benefits of the 3 options and to be sufficiently confident to ask for the order!

Whatever type of tripwire products that are chosen by a club, provided its combined with a well thought out and delivered “Upsell” programme, the tripwire can be very effective in increasing the efficiency that cold prospect campaigns are monetised and transitioned to the core product areas of membership.  

By using the types of restrictions, we have discussed, headline prices can become standout and compelling offers without them effecting relationships with existing members. This very important if clubs are to increase sales without incurring damaging attrition amongst the current membership.

So, now it’s time to implement these tripwire offers. Put a couple to the test, and see how you get on.

Good Luck!



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