How To Turn New Members Into A Goldmine For Your Club


If you think that your only role with your new members is to fix them something to do in the gym then you’re missing a big trick.

Not only that, but you are also missing out on literally £1000s of untapped revenues.

If you are ready to rethink your strategy with new customers and seriously do want to make your club remarkable and highly profitable then reading this now could be a game changer for you.

You have 4 major jobs to do.

Your first priority is to cement the customers feelings of HOPE and establish they made a good decision by joining you.

Secondly you must deliver on the areas of physical need they identified when they joined.

Thirdly you must integrate the new member into the club operationally.

Finally, you must help create a “safe community” for them to flourish in.

To succeed you need to create a properly thought through and choreographed first 42-day journey which, if its properly designed, it achieves the following commercial benefits for you.

  1. It sets the foundation for long term retention.
  2. Optimise the motivation levels of your new members to REFER friends.
  3. Optimise the new members buying habit by retailing frequently from the get go.
  4. Unlock the networking opportunity of each new member. Who do they know? Can they introduce you to influencers?
  5. Get a positive testimonial at the end of the first 6 weeks that you can use in your marketing.

To achieve this, you need to create an onboarding programme that is:

  • Consistent
  • Intentional and thought through
  • Logical
  • Appropriate for each customer (therefore one size won’t do it!)
  • Easy for the customer to take part in
  • Communicated effectively using varied media
  • Exceeds your customer expectations

When you are looking at devising your programme there are 3 main phases to concentrate your processes on:

  1. The Pre – Practical. What happened between joining and the first practical session?
  2. The First Visit Practical session
  3. The CRM strategy covering the first 6 weeks

Note the 8 essentials “INS” you need to tick for positive new member onboarding:

  1. INTERVIEW: What do they want and need?
  2. INDOCTRINATION: We came to the right place
  3. INTRODUCED: I’ve met the manager and the key people in the club looking after me
  4. INDUCTED: I now know where everything is and how the club works
  5. INSTRUCTED:  I’m aware of what I need to know to get the best results
  6. INSPIRED:  I’m going to do my best to get into the habit of coming
  7. INTEGRATED: I’m starting to know members and staff already
  8. INFORMED:  What services are available now and what’s potentially happening going forward

Taking out time from your busy schedule to scope this sort of programme could turn out to be the most profitable investment you make in your business pre-Christmas.



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