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It’s too easy to fall into the trap of replacing existing gym equipment with brand new, but when you start to analyse the benefits of doing so…is it really worth it?

New gym equipment looks great when it arrives, and its presence certainly gives your fitness club a new lease of life, but there is so much that can be done with existing gym equipment that goes beyond simply maintaining it once its original warranty period has expired.

Let’s imagine that it’s a new financial year and there’s a budget set aside to enhance your gym offering. The existing gym equipment is looking past its best, it’s had one too many call outs for repairs in recent months and there are more tears in the upholstery than Freddy Krueger’s stripey jumper! The obvious plan of action would be to invest a big chunk of that budget in new gym equipment, but when you start scouring the market for the latest must-have gym equipment, you end up in a worm hole, spending hours searching, reviewing and comparing which piece of cardio or strength equipment is best for your gym. Not to mention the whole process of having to induct all of your members on the new equipment when it arrives!

Sometimes, it really is a case of “better the devil you know”…the existing gym equipment has served you well over the years, your members are familiar with it, they know how it works, it has everything they need and, ok maybe, the cardio equipment would benefit from the latest apps being available on the monitor but it’s not much of a game changer in the scheme of things when most members have their mobile phone on their person when they’re in the gym anyway.

So, are you really going to throw all that budget at brand new gym equipment? All it would take to refresh your existing gym equipment is to identify and replace any worn parts. Well, that’s for starters anyway…the main course is served with the kit being completely stripped down, the frame sandblasted and powder coated in a colour of your choice. Once it’s all put back together again, the pads on your strength equipment can be reupholstered in a colour to match or contrast the colour of the frame. Then add an embroidered logo to the pad and voila….your existing gym equipment looking and working like brand new, customised to your liking and ready to roll out with 12 months parts and labour warranty.  

Stick an all-inclusive service package on it after 12 months and continue to have all engineer call outs, labour and parts covered furthermore. All at a fraction of the cost of buying new gym equipment and leaving you with funds left over to enhance other areas of your facility!

For further details regarding refreshing your existing gym equipment, contact ServiceSport UK Ltd on 01257 264 738 or email



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