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Space for cardio areas is becoming less desired, mainly due to changes in people’s movements pattern plus COVID has had a major impact on how people train, with a lot choosing to be outside for running, cycling and boot camp style workouts.

So a key factor in designing a layout for a gym now and in the future, would depend on space for lifting, space for strength and space for movement with a small cardio provision designed more around HIIT training and potential boot camp style classes.  We like to think of it as BOXES within a BOX. 


With SAQ drills, movement patterns and more interactive equipment, for example, ROX Pro, are becoming more popular, with audio visual interaction, creating quicker reactions and also providing stimulation for a more mature adult or someone with learning difficulties.

You need to think about your customers and those you would like to attract to decide whether that would be a good fit.

And this leads us on to….

What about CrossFit?

The Crossfit mentality is definitely becoming more main stream as it focuses on movement and good crossfit coaches increasingly concentrate on form. Repetition although that is still a major part of that crossfit type of workout does not need to be paramount as form is KEY. It provides diversity for your exercise workout and the opportunity to use a variety of equipment. In fact, everything from a jump rope through to barbells, kettlebells through to sleds. Look for products that are superb quality, long lasting and suitable for purpose.

Out of all the products and suppliers that we have worked with before, Xenios USA has a reputation for durability and high quality.


Flooring is a great way of creating these areas / zones and allows for creative management of spaces.

Consider this when you are completing your gym.


This is an area that can easily be addressed by the inclusion of some effective equipment which aids muscle recovery.  Maybe a partnership with a local/onsite physio with sales of innovative and effective vibration based therapy products could work in this kind of area and maybe even a retail space for your ROI. 

In addition, nutritional supplements can support recovery and boost overall health. Have all these areas available in your gym to boost your secondary spend and therefore profits too.


It’s not all about the equipment in your gym and the classes you offer, having the right team is really important to deliver the right results. Make sure you have engaging instructors and team to ensure everything from the welcome, to the friendly cleaning team, to the instructors/PTs have the correct personality that suits your demographic of members.


In addition to all these factors, having a good social media presence through an active website and good social media channels with video and static images, these spaces lend themselves to fantastic exposure.  Working with Fitness Club Success and providing the customer with the correct sales and media presence, it really is #ALLintheBOX. At FCubed Fitness we specialise in designing layouts for this style of club and the products we supply lend themselves to movement in general.

We do all of this from concept to visualisation to install in our FUN, FIT,& FRESH way. Get in touch to chat over your vision and desire at fun@fcubedfitness.com or via phone to 07842552719. We would love to help you in any way we can.



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