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Times have changed in the gym industry. Long gone are the days of an individual joining a gym solely based on a referral or just “popping in”.

Social media now plays such a key role, as it is one of the most prominent ways a potential member finds out about you or is keen to learn more. It is vital the first impression they receive is not only a good one but also an enticing one. Whatever an individual is looking for; from membership types, class timetables, location, it needs to be an easy and streamlined process with a clear call to action. If it is made to difficult, you will lose a lot of online visitors.

It is important that you as a gym are implementing the easy wins to help expose your brand and ultimately generate more revenue. Below are some effective tweaks or techniques to consider, to assist in making your social media as effective as possible. Whilst we do not claim every technique will work for all, they are certainly aspects to consider:

Profile Photo – correct dimensions and high-resolution image.

Profile Bio – clear on USPs (have you tried using different fonts to stand out?).

Website Link – using “Linktree” or “Links” streamlines the process to allow a social media visitor easy access to what they are trying to find.

Highlights – colour coded sections with highlights such as location, facility, timetable and what a day in the life of your gym looks like etc.

Followers – build your local following, tag your members in classes for them to share, partner up with local businesses for cross-promotion, follow accounts who are following local hotspots such as a popular coffee shop.

Engagement – encourage engagement in posts, end with a question such as “What piece of kit are you most looking forward to using?”

Hashtags – Research popular hashtags in the area and rotate them.

Posting Schedule – 3/4 main posts per week and 3+ stories per day. This keeps you high up on your follower’s news feed, so they do not miss it.

Post timing – analyse your posts based on when you post. Try 6-8pm weekdays and various times across the weekend.

Social Media Plan – Plan your social media posts ahead of time.

Meet the Team – Stay away from the generic PT profile shots with the bio’s that include the standard qualifications. People want to see PTs they can relate to, not what certificate they have.

Show your personality! – don’t be afraid to go outside the box, be a trendsetter and show your niche!

Mystery Gym include social media and website audits in all of our packages as they are so vital for brand exposure and ultimately revenue. We are all about feedback but more importantly solutions. We have hundreds of easy wins up our sleeve!

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